Panchmura Mahavidyalaya
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A Degree College of Arts, Science & Commerce | Affileted to the University of Burdwan

To participate in human resource development of the local community and building the nation by providing with knowledge and information through College education to the local youths.

To offer suitable undergraduate courses to enable the young people of the locality fit for educational and administrative services.
To offer value-based and value-added education to groom the students as capable, sensible and responsible citizens of the country.

Within the capacity of its human and infrastructural resources, the College is always eager
to offer best educational services to its students. It has adapted modular curriculum, applies modern teaching-learning methodology, uses advanced teaching aids and tools, and other. It also organise Study, Tours, Seminers, Quizzeses, Debates and similar extra academic activities.
Far from the maddening crowd’s ignoble strife and in the pristine, green solitude of nature, there beckons the abode of learning - Panchmura Mahavidyalaya. Established in 1965,and located in the rural area at Panchmura, a place renowned for its terracotta, the College is the product of long- sighted vision and untiring efforts of the local people led by late Dr. Pasupati Mandal, and is the manifestation of the long-cherished dream of the locality to bring the light of education to the cottages of marginal farmers and the poor. The generous families of the villages of Joypur and Kulbani contributed considerable tracts of land on which the college was founded, 1.5 k.m. away from Panchmura Bazar. The classes of the College started on 20th August, 1965 in the premises of Panchmura High School with three year Degree courses and University Entrance courses in Arts. In 1968, the college was shifted to its own premises in the newly-constructed buildings. Setting off its enlightened journey with limited resources and infrastructure, the college has been steadily offering undergraduate courses in Commerce and Science. Because of the suitable courses and programmes that are delivered by energetic and dedicated teachers, adequate infrastructure and facilities, and active and cooperative office staff, the College was accredited with B+ grade by NAAC in 2007. 
"Knowledge liberates the mind and only a society that is able to devise methods and strategies to propagate knowledge and educate its every single member, can hope to provide its present and future generations an environment of growth, dignity, respect and constructive development. Envisioned as an enduring center of learning, Panchmura Mahavidyalaya, established in 1965 in a rural area under Taldangra Block which has more than one-third of its population belonging to poor SC and ST families and is one of the most backward blocks of the country, started its journey to enlighten the underprivileged youths of the district of Bankura and the region.
Since, its inception the institution has been successful in providing higher education to more than two-third of the local graduates who hail from the families of SC, ST, marginal farmers and land labourers.
There is widespread knowledge everywhere with newer technologies, skills and avenues emerging, Panchmura Mahavidyalaya also has expanded the number of courses and programmes to cope with the new horizons of professional activities and to enable the younger generations to uncap their talents and touch greater heights of achievement. It offers state of the art infrastructure including smart classrooms, a good library, laboratories, computers, internet and other facilities required for higher education in this modern era.
The structure of our courses is primarily learner-centric and has flexibility whereby the students have more choice to opt for disciplines of their choice and potential. Realizing that the learning levels of different students differ, we offer remedial courses for those who need extra help. To ensure that no students fails or is left behind, our institution also offers greater flexibility in terms of time whereby a student may take more time to complete his degree.
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