Department of Chemistry

History of The Department:

The Department started teaching Chemistry for Two-Year B. Sc. General degree since 1985 and Three-Year B. Sc. Honours in Chemistry since 2009 with the affiliation from the University of Burdwan. Most of the ex-students are well placed in different part of the state and recent students who have passed with the Honours degrees are pursuing M. Sc. in different Universities of the State and Country.


The Department has three laboratories - one for the general course students, one for the honours course students and one research laboratory. All the laboratories are well equipped with necessary and advanced instruments and facilities particularly the Honours and Research laboratories are advanced to offer M. Sc. practical classes.

Dr. Chandan K. Jana  (M. Sc. |  Ph. D. )  Post-Doc  - USC, Los Angeles
Head of the Department | Assistant Professor
Shri Kanta Mohan Kisku (M.Sc. ) 
Assistant Professor
Shri Amit Kumar Sen (M. Sc.) 
Permanent Part-time Teacher
Shri Bikas Ghosh (M. Sc.) 
Permanent Part-time Teacher
Shri Milan Kumar Suheli (M. Sc.) 
Permanent Part-time Teacher

Shri Dilip Kumar Sen
Shri Debasish Dey       
  Laboratory Attendant
  Laboratory Attendant
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