The Governing Body is the employer as well as the highest administrative body of the College which is the sole authority to take any administrative decision as per Governor’s Order of the state, and Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Burdwan. It forms Finance sub-committee, Teachers’ Council, Academic Council and several advisory bodies to run and supervise its financial, academic, extra-curriculum and all other activities and programmes.
The cooperative and sincere staff in the Office always ready to serve the students starting from their admission to examination needs and even after College for supplying certificates. The Office is fully computerized for all of its activity and has internet connection.

Governing Body

Grievance Redressal Cell
The College has a Grievance Redressal Cell to address grivenaces of all kinds of the students.
Aggrieved students may file complaint to the Cell or to the IQAC in writing.

Names of the members of the Cell will be published soon.

Existing Governing Body
Shri Shyama Prasad Mukherjee,
Minister, Govt. West Bengal
Dr. Chandan Kumar Jana
Teacher-in-charge and Secretary
Shri Asim Banerjee
Government nominee
Dr. Fatik Chandra Mandal
University Nominee
Dr. Mrs. Binapani Ghosh
University Nominee
Dr. Kuntal Chattaraj
University Nominee
Shri Narugopal Ghosh
Teachers’ Representative
Dr. Partha Sengupta
Teachers’ Representative
Shri Debiprasad Misra
Teachers’ Representative
Shri Ajit Dutta
Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Shri Debashis Dey
Non-Teaching Staff Representative
Shri Mangal Mandi
Students’ Reprsentative
Staff Detail
Shri Ajit Dutta
Head Clerk
Shri Amiya Nayak
Library Assistant
Shri Anil Baran Khirali
Smt. Sandhya Roy
Pump Operator
Shri Dilip Kumar Sen
Laboratory attendant
Shri Tiru Layek
Day Guard
Shri Dipak Kumar Dey
Night Guard
Shri Kartik Ch. Roy
Shri Bamapada Paramanik
Pump Operator
Shri Debashis Dey
Laboratory Attendant
Shri Swapan Kumar Tudu
Library Peon
Shri Dilip Kumar Duley
Shri Raghunath Mahata
Hostel Cook
Shri Ramdulal Dey
Casual Office Staff
Shri Tarun Dan
Casual Office Staff
Shri Dibendu Basuli
Casual Office Staff
Shri Hiralal Mandal
Casual Peon
Shri Swapan Nandi
Casual Peon
Shri Lakshman Diha
Casual Library Attendant
Shri Rabin Sen
Casual Electrician
Shri Sunil Murmu
Casual Gardener
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