Students’ Union

The Governing Body of the College facilitates formation of Students’ Union every year by holding general election of the students as per Ordinance of the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal. General Secretary of the Students’ Union acts as a member of the GB as students’ representative and places his/her view on all aspects of College affairs.

Existing Students’ Union

Mr. Arindam Dandapat (B.A-3rd Year- Pass)
Vice President
Miss Beauti Dey (B.A -2nd Year- Pass)
General Secretary
Ananda Dey (B.A - 1st Year -Pass)
Assit. GS
Mr. Sumanta Guin (B.A -2nd Year - Bengali(H)
Dipankar Nandi (B.Sc. 2nd Year - Pass)
Kunal Bhuin ( B.A - 3rd Year- Snsk(H)
Cultural Secretary
Santu Mandal (B.A -3rd Year- Pass)
Cultural Secretary
Tanmoy Dey (B.A -3rd Year - Pass)
Raghunath Adhikari (B.A -1st Year -Pass)
Raju Dutamodak (B.A -1st Year -Pass)
Boys Common Room
Apu Shikari (B.A - 2nd Year -Pass)
Girls Common Room
Dipti Vanu Mandal (B.A -2nd  Year -Hist(H)
Girls Hostel
Srimanta Sebait (B.Sc. -1st Year -Math (H)
Boys Hostel

Subhendu  Dhak ( B.Sc. -2nd Year- Chem(H)

Mridul Barman (B.Sc. 1st Year- Math (H)

Ujjwal Ghosh (B.A -1st Year -Pass)

Ujjwal Gorai  (B.Sc. -3rd Year- Math (H)

Arup Ghosh (B.Sc. -1st Year -Math(H)
Puspita Kar (B.Sc. -1st Year - Pass)
Sikha Dangar ( B.Sc. -3rd Year- Math(H)
Subhomoy Panda (B.Sc. -3rd Year - Math(H)

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